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Additional Resources for AQ on Divinity, Disgust and Elevation

1. Religious or not, S’poreans’ morality is growing--TAN TATT SI, PRESIDENT , THE HUMANIST SOCIETY (SINGAPORE)

--our morality has roots in our ability to empathise with others. This quality of empathy is, in turn, a result of natural selection, behavioural evolution, education and literacy.

2. The Institute of Policy Studies’ (IPS) Survey : RELIGION, MORALITY AND CONSERVATISM IN SINGAPORE—PDF. Read the Abstract at pages 3-7

--The paper documents and tracks evolving trends of perceptions and attitudes towards social and moral issues. These include respondents’ opinions towards homosexual sex and marriage, gambling, infidelity, freedom of speech, and the desired balance between personal responsibility and reliance on the state. Overall, Singaporeans remain fairly conservative in their outlook, though there have been distinct shifts on issues surrounding homosexual rights. This is especially so among respondents aged between 18 and 25, who were much more liberal about moral issues compared to the respondents aged 65 and above.

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