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(1) The Tulsa Massacre

It was only on the 100th anniversary [May 2021] that President Biden acknowledged the injustices perpetuated in the massacre.

No restitution was given to the victims and the tale of Tulsa is rarely told.

Long-term consequences:

Black Tulsans are three times more likely to face police brutality in comparison to their white counterparts. Statewide, 43 percent of Black people own their homes compared to 72 percent of white people.

Black wealth is generally one-tenth of white wealth.

(2) Canada’s Grim Legacy of Cultural Erasure: Indigenous Children in Residential Schools

For generations, Indigenous families in Canada had no choice but to send their children to church-run residential schools established by the government to erode their culture and languages, and to assimilate them.

A national Truth and Reconciliation Commission declared in 2015 that the schools, which operated from 1883 to 1996, were a form of “cultural genocide.”

Since May 2021, new technology has enabled the discovery of human remains, mostly of children, in many hundreds of unmarked graves on the grounds of three former schools in Canada. Who they were, how they died or even when they died may never be fully known.

(3) China is trying to use WWII history to shame Japan and weaken its alliances

In China, World War II is the "War of Resistance against Japanese Occupation" and a conflict that predated the eruption in Europe: Japanese forces had already been massacring Chinese soldiers and civilians for two years before the Nazis annexed Poland.

This bit of history is being used to paint Japan as an oppressive force in the region