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Dr Jo Ann Netto-Shek, who lectures at NIE, explains in the podcast how stories are a great way to help the child get a peek into your world and how you are processing your experiences. ..

The educational podcast series is funded by NIE.

The episodes cover various topics like whether reading on print vs. on digital has an impact on the way we read, the neuroscience behind a child’s reading journey, as well as how comics are produced in Singapore.

“Reading is a topic we are very concerned with as a society and I felt that it would be helpful for the public to have access to some of the ideas and strategies we cover in class. This is one way [NIE] can contribute to our community,” Assoc Prof Loh tells The Pride.

Through her research on youth reading trends with fellow academic Sun Baoqi, she has found that there has been a decline in reading enjoyment for children and adolescents.

“We have found that children and adolescents who enjoy reading will read more for leisure compared to those who don’t like reading. So it’s important to help kids to enjoy reading from a young age.”

Julian Cayla: despite Singapore’s abundance of accessible libraries and its high literacy rates… most of my students, by the time they reach University, have not engaged in book reading for a considerable period of time…