News Links 2021

News 13/12/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Getting into the festivities--a selection of festive stories from BBC :))

Elon Musk—Time’s Person of the Year 2021 [with video]

S Korea to roll out AI facial recognition COVID tracker

Why some are nasty to retail staff who enforce COVID-19 rules

COVID glow mask alert

Which one would you buy: saliva ART test or cheaper ART kits?

Morbid or humane? The Sarco Pod is a 3D-printed euthanasia pod designed to provide a painless death.

The elixir of youth: a vaccine that removes ageing cells

Mental health prioritised in schools

GP/ Secondary

More Cooling Measures for the SG property market

News 29/11/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Rare hunting scene raises questions over polar bear diet; limited access to seals

The perennial plight of a parent : choosing between employment and parenting when child falls ill

Would you stay in this shoebox apartment?

Omicron: The race to update vaccines

First, there was cryptocurrency. Now, meet virtual property on

News 8/11/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The making of youth climate activism

Labrador Nature Reserve to restored

Would you live in this Mars pod?

COVID-19 is more dangerous to South Asians?

Longest lunar eclipse this week!

Secondary Lesson this Week

Pro Choice Versus Pro Life | Abortion explained with statistics.Where do you stand?

Pro-choice or pro-life? 39% of Americans don't pick a side

News 1/11/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The Climate

COP26: What is the Glasgow climate conference and why is it important?

COP26: The issues that stand in the way of progress

Sir David Attenborough polar ship makes its London debut

International Handball Federation (IHF)changes uniform rules after criticism for requiring female beach players to wear bikinis.

Identity theft: Luton man left shocked as his house is ‘stolen’

5 changes to CPF rules: More flexibility for transfers, quicker disbursement of funds

Finally, Pfizer for 5-11  year olds

The Hallyu effect

Secondary Lesson this Week

Video introducing The Justice Defenders [13 mins]

News 25/10/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Pofma at work: correction direction issued to Truth Warriors website over Covid-19 false claims

When you can sue the school for not letting you keep long hair

The Environment

Ivory hunting has lead to the evolution of tuskless elephants

SG to import 30% of low carbon sources by 2035

Fresh ideas to purify water: from Papaya to 3D printing

Animal rights become the key issue for elections

COVID-19 news

1. From 1 Jan 2022, only fully vaccinated allowed back to the workplace

2. Meanwhile, we can ease some restrictions if infection rates fall below 1

3. if you are travelling this hols, do note that VTL restrictions may apply in the other countries, depending on the state of infection rates in SG

News 11/10/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Prof Brenda Yeoh wins 'Nobel Prize' for Geography--first in Singapore

Khaby Lame--the most popular man on TikTok, and he doesn't say a word

Brief run down of scandals involving SG influencers

Our long love story with blue cheese and beer

6 things to know for quarantine-free travel under VTL

SG Children under 12 to be allowed to travel under vaccinated travel scheme: CAAS

SG's epidemic situation is highlighted

Highlights on PM Lee' speech

News 4/10/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Dozens of Korean words added to the Oxford dictionary

How climate change affects the foods we eat

S Korea—it took 30 years to catch the serial killer and clear an innocent man

World first COVID-19 pill

COVID-19 community heat map for places visited by cases

GP/ Secondary

Key facts to note about FICA

The opening statement of Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, before Congress. She calls for regulations that "change the rules that Facebook plays by and stop the many harms it is causing.”

Author and lawyer Adrian Tan demystifies the upcoming changes to the copyright law. Do you actually "own" your photos on social media?

Demography, upbringing and cultural differences can explain variations in receptiveness towards women’s issues. The trickier question is how concerns can be tackled so progress continues

SG's Sedition Act repealed as no longer relevant. Penal and Criminal Procedure Codes amended to cover laws that ensure social cohesion between different groups within Singapore

Messages behind films--Squid Game

News 27/9/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

One step towards gender equality: awards for Japanese female researchers (Sec Ts: revision for last week)

Feeling under the weather? You can still sit for the national exams if....

Turning durian husks into bandages:

GP/ Secondary

SG Population statistics: Fertility rate is now 1.1 and by 2030, almost 1 in 4 citizens will be age 65 and above

And its impact on SG’s society and identity

TikTok resumes—the way to landing that job?

5 mega trends facing the world

News 20/9/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The Environment

Food waste lockers to be installed at selected HDB blocks in Ang Mo Kio-Toa Payoh sector

Generation Restoration--video [start from 3.30 mark]
#GenerationRestoration is scaling youth-led solutions to conserve and restore ecosystems around the world.

Social Media

Two boys under investigation for alleged vandalism linked to TikTok 'Devious Licks' challenge.

New revelations about the negative effects of Instagram and social media from an FB study and the case of Gabby Petito

The clampdown continues: China bans local version of TikTok for under 14s

BTS at the UN Assembly

The Parent Conundrum: keep child at home, or send him to school?

The richest musician on the planet [and not because of music]

News 13/9/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Why treating daughters like 'princesses' might hold them back, perpetuate gender stereotypes

As we approach a ‘zero carbon’ world, we will see the formation of new industries and ‘green’ jobs

Indian inventor hopes to turn smog into tiles

His goal is to design the world's first filterless purifier that can clean as much air as possible, while fitting onto infrastructure.

Plant-based chicken coming your way

These insect larvae create a material used in batteries

Travel borders are reopening slowly: first up, Bangkok

GP/ Secondary

Bill to repeal the Sedition Act as the Government plans to pass a new racial harmony law that consolidates its powers to deal with racial issues.

Proposed law against foreign interference introduced in Parliament, can order take down of ‘hostile’ information on social media

News 6/9/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The Ig Nobel Prize winners of 2021

The full list:

Why are there so few female professional gamers?

Tradition of Afghan girls who live as boys may be threatened
For some girls, there has historically been a path to live, before puberty, as a boy. "Bacha posh," which in Dari means girl "dressed up as a boy," is an ancient tradition that pre-dates the Taliban in which a family designates a girl to live as a boy. That could either allow her a boy's freedoms — like education, athletics and the right to be outside alone — or impose a boy's duties on her, like working.

Shortage of staff prompted the golden arches to hire 14 year olds

The fatigue is real--SG is the most fatigued country in the world

Sleep on the job

GP/ Secondary

Why hasn't COVAX worked?

Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Standards Council (SSC) announce enhanced national standards to safe deployment of fully autonomous vehicles

News 30/8/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Science and Tech

Kids In China Now Allowed Only 3 Hours Of Video Games On Weekends Only—we should do the same!

World's 1st 3D printed wagyu steak

Tech and the Environment

Carbon dilemma: How can electric vehicles become more eco-friendly? [with video]

End Of Leaded Gasoline: World Has Stopped Using Toxic Additive

Windmills in the ocean to power more homes

SG News

Crime rose by 11% in Singapore in the first half of 2021, largely fuelled by more scam cases

How to improve recycling rates in SG

A tale of 2 cities: SG allows employers to charge their non vaccinated employees the cost for ART kits, but Japan is hesitant about sending their employees for jabs

Interesting note on the definition of "low income earners"

National Day Rally 2021 highlights

News 23/8/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

UN Climate Report: How much hotter can it get in your lifetime? [with eye-opening chart]

Africa’s first 3D-printed affordable home [with a carbon footprint 70% smaller than traditional housing]

Birdnesting: The divorce trend where parents rotate homes

Are you vaxxed, unvaxxed or vexed?

GP/ Secondary

Race to evacuate from Afghanistan: How many have left and where will evacuees go?

Nearly 73,500 patients' data affected in ransomware attack on eye clinic in S'pore

Kamala Harris' speech in Singapore on the US vision for the Indo-Pacific region | Full video [from 2.20 min mark]

News 9/8/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Tokyo Olympics

The hits and the misses

Tokyo counts cost of S$20 billion pandemic Olympics 'gamble'

Modern Pentathlon marred by controversy over show jumping

Peruvians mending bridges the traditional way

Los Angeles builds homes out of shipping crates to house the homeless during COVID

Malaysian boy, 11, becomes Shopee seller to earn money to buy smartphone for online studies

TikTok trend: Eating frozen honey and risking ill effects

Feeling sick in the stomach? It's your body warning you.

Get paid to live on Mars for a year, on Earth

Play with your food at an instant noodle theme restaurant

News 2/8/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Explainer: What are the legal powers of Covid-19 safe distancing enforcement officers?

School Interrupted--How COVID has impacted students in the region

Mental Health in Sport: Self Worth and the Weight of Expectation

Inside a Bitcoin mining plant

Olympic gold medals: why athletes love sinking their teeth into them

Coping with stress and FOMO: how are you handling them?

Mental health among SG students: counselling can be a hit or miss

GP/ Secondary

Opinion on Singaporeans a champion grumblers

New Bill aims to set out tougher maximum punishments for 3 sex crimes (video)

News 26/7/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

#TilTokResumes—Job-hunters, have you posted your résumé on TikTok?

Killiney Kopitiam’s first cafe in the US a draw for customers who miss Singapore food

2 months later: Dead turtles and waves of plastic show Sri Lankan ship disaster's deep ramifications

Extreme food for the adventurous

Effects of light pollution on nature (a long read)

GP/ Secondary

A review of Singapore’s long-term land use plans is under way, with planners keen to strengthen the flexibility, resilience and inclusiveness of the city and its built environment. This is what the country might look like in the near future.

Interesting take on the HDB EIP effect. Long story short: income disparity

News 12/7/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

19-year-old charged with trespass into rhino enclosure at Singapore Zoo for TikTok backflip stunt

A sealed copy of the classic Nintendo 64 video game, Super Mario 64 just fetched $1.56 million

Demolition causes carbon emissions. Who knew?

First commercial flight to space

Poo power, anyone?

Get paid for a new house

GP/ Secondary

New Scenario for Post-Vaccine Travel

Singapore's public sector sets earlier targets to start bringing down carbon emissions

News 5/7/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

This German department store only sells recycled products

Soul Cap: Afro swim cap Olympic rejection 'heartbreaking' for black swimmers

Is the use of jetpacks finally about to take off?

Detect COVID-19 just by wearing a mask

Jeff Bezos retires 5 July as the world's richest man

GP/ Secondary

Long Read--What companies in SG are doing for gender equality

News 28/6/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Flying car prototype completes test flight

The hidden costs of COVID--Child Labour in Uganda

Australia to challenge UNESCO's listing the Great Barrier Reef as "in danger" over its deterioration caused by climate change

SG's new normal is vastly different from others.

Olympics: more risks than benefits

GP/ Secondary

Long read on ageing population: After Italy, Japan’s Wakayama city is offering abandoned homes for $500

Long read: Pragmatism Rules--Graduates put dreams on hold

News 21/6/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Population Census 2020: How SG's population has changed in a decade [multimedia]

Viral Post by teen triggers SG's Internet solidarity. Enjoy the hilarious memes

Greece husband murders wife because she wanted to leave him. But the more interesting angle is how technology did him in.

Popcorn packaging [not plastic]

Revolving self cleaning public toilets

Tokyo Olympics

(a) Olympics: Organisers cap Tokyo 2020 spectators at 10,000 per venue

(b) Why there is little support

(c) Naomi Osaka will play for Team Japan

GP/ Secondary

Electric vehicles may be fast and low-maintenance, but are they a real climate solution?

News 14/6/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Recap of last week's curriculum for Secondary students: the breadth and depth of education:

Star Power: How Ronaldo's snub caused Coca-Cola’s market value to fall 1.6%

Paying the pandemic debt--who, how, and can it even be done?

World's largest dinosaur fossils is found Down Under

How I survived being eaten by a humpback whale

GP/ Secondary

5 highlights of population census in SG-- More singles, fewer babies, slowest population growth since 1965

English mostly spoken at home in Singapore households.

Mental health concerns spike--Seven out of 10 mental health organisations and professionals ST spoke to saw spikes of between 20 and 60 per cent in queries and incidents like mental health crises because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social restrictions that have been used to contain the virus' spread.

The People's Association (PA) has withdrawn its offer to meet a Malay/Muslim couple whose photo was used as a standee for Hari Raya Aidilfitri decorations without permission, citing disagreements with them over the purpose of the meeting. Was there racism?

I’m fully vaccinated but feel sick – should I get tested for COVID-19? Short answer: yes...

News 7/6/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Talking to kids about politics--it has to start in schools,+Gender+and+Work&utm_content=06/06/2021+02:00&fbclid=IwAR1rBnxcELMjq5tZLSJgAvN1DcueRNDCSSJRBBYF45z-2mHpGVG7h-DP3KY

Jeff Bezos is going to space on first crewed flight of rocket. Bids for passenger seats start at USD2.8m

These countries are 3D printing houses

Racism on the rise?

The new normal in SG

GP/ Secondary

France’s anti-competition watchdog fines Google an unprecedented 220 million euros ($268 million) for abusing its “dominant position” in the online advertising business.

Individuals in Singapore generated 915g of waste per day on average in 2019, about 334kg per person that year, and collectively all individuals in Singapore generated 1.87 million tonnes of waste. But, in combating climate change, our individual efforts are statistically insignificant – especially when compared to what businesses and the government can achieve, says climate activist Ho Xiang Tian.

Putin has a point-- sees 'double standard' in US Capitol riot prosecutions

China’s 3 child policy probably won’t fix the problems

News 24/5/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Shell ordered by Dutch court to cut drastically carbon emissions

This inventor has developed a magnetic solution capable of removing micro-plastics from water.

The detriments of fast fashion

Environmentalism and the power of seaweed

Little has changed--50 years ago, Muhammad Ali covered the plight of being Black in America on BBC

Ai-Da is the world's first robot artist, whose works are now going on display to showcase what the technology can do

How to convince people to have babies

BTS breaks own record on YouTube with 'Butter'

Cricket protein bars, anyone?

Wanderlust: Alice in Wonderland merchandise galore

News 10/5/21

GP/ Secondary

Long read: Much more needs to be done to protect domestic helpers in SG. The average population of domestic helpers who worked in Singapore from 2017 to 2020 was about 250,000 per year. According to MOM figures, there was an average of 270 reported physical abuse cases against domestic helpers over the same period.

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

From 1 June 2021, return your trays or risk a $2000 fine

Taliban's school blast kills 68, mainly teen girls

Brilliant Verizon ad "The Reset" 🙂

Nail your grammar

Tech: Dousing flames with rocket launchers

News 3/5/21

GP/ Secondary

Facebook oversight committee upholds Trump's suspension but to review within 6 months[0]=484195586364161&notif_id=1620287764307171&notif_t=watch_follower_video&ref=notif

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The Brazilian Amazon released more carbon than it absorbed in the past decade

Australia taps into the billion-dollar edible insects industry

A useful tool for P6 parents to find out the chances of being accepted in the school of choice.

Ed: the process is still stressful, since the cut-off points for top schools stand at 4-7 points, with at least a merit in HCL

Post-COVID, what can you do to help go green?

Save the bees. Build hotels 🙂

News 26/4/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

On Vaccines and Reinfections

[1] Post-vaccine infections, as well as reinfections for those who had been previously diagnosed with the disease, are to be expected, even after the majority of the people here have been fully vaccinated.
...expect an average of five out of 100 Pfizer- or Moderna-vaccinated persons to come down with symptomatic Covid-19 if exposed, and 10 per 100 vaccinated persons to come down with any Covid-19 infection (asymptomatic or symptomatic) based on the clinical trials and real-world data from Israel and the United States.

[2] Two in three Singaporeans willing to take the Covid-19 vaccine if it were offered to them, with another one in five neutral. About half the population still have concerns about the safety and potential side effects of the vaccine, as well as its efficacy.

[3] Pregnant women can be vaccinated

Safe distancing may not work?

On P6-2021: News relating to Achievement Levels [AL]

[1] Pupils needn't aim for 'perfect score'

[2] MOE releases cut off points for Secondary schools under AL scoring system

[3] 7 key Questions

When a person looks at their mobile phone, around half the people nearby will start checking their phones within 30 seconds.

SG Politics: Analysis--Is post of PM is still open?

News 19/4/21

GP/ Secondary

SG: 4 key challenges ahead for the next 4G leader [long read]

The true cost of demand for cheap clothes, to you and the environment

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The WHO against vaccine passports for travel--“Do not require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry, given the limited (although growing) evidence about the performance of vaccines in reducing transmission and the persistent inequity in the global vaccine distribution”

European Super League roils the soccer world: everything you need to know, including the fallout from the announcement that has rocked the soccer world

48 hours after announcements, all 6 Premier League teams withdraw from Super League

George Floyd: Jury finds Derek Chauvin guilty of murder

The safety concerns of vaccinating those under 16 and is it necessary to do so?

BTS x McDonald's, coming to you on 27 May

AstraZeneca blood clot issues are not going away any time soon

Perhaps in the near future, Japanese muskmelons will become more affordable

News 12/4/21

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

SG: A charging model for disposable carrier bags at supermarkets to cut the consumption of disposables in the works

All things 4G and Heng Swee Keat's departure

China now admits their vaccines aren't very effective against the virus!

Bhutan vaccinated 93% of adult population in 16 days

All about the Vaccine Passport

Biodegradable styrofoam: cost vs sustainability

Coming to your neighbourhood: robot grocer delivery

Ice Cream Museum here we come 🙂

Parkour at 58 :))

News 5/4/21

GP/ Secondary

Singapore's tourism industry to tap sustainability, wellness and tech trends for growth [Video]

Instead of waiting for world borders to reopen, Singapore needs to disrupt the status quo. For the tourism industry here, the next big moves lie in sustainable travel solutions, technological innovation and holistic wellness.

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Schools to merge over the next 3 years.

Merging the schools would allow students to continue to have a fuller school experience since schools with low enrolment numbers find it difficult to offer a good range of programmes and CCAs, and smaller student populations affect the diversity of experiences and choices the school can offer.

SG: More than $100 million was donated in a year online to about 600 charities amid the Covid-19 pandemic, surpassing previous annual records.

SG: Plea to be Tougher on Diners who Don't Clear their Trays. 

In a 2019 survey conducted by the Singapore Management University, more than a third of respondents (36 per cent) were unsure if they should return their trays after eating at food and beverage outlets, or if it was the responsibility of the cleaners. An almost equal number of respondents (37 per cent) felt certain that it was the latter.

Japan just recorded its earliest cherry blossom bloom in 1,200 years. Scientists warn it's a symptom of the larger climate crisis

If you own an LG phone, it's time to upgrade

There is a common misconception that the vaccine will protect you forever. 

(1) Like other flu vaccines, there is a time limit for its efficacy. You may need booster shots thereafter.

(2) The vaccine minimises your chances of falling severely ill or needing the ICU. 

(3) Being vaccinated does not mean you will never contract COVID-19. Think of it like a water-resistant jacket, rather than a waterproof one

News 29/3/2021

GP/ Secondary

SG can play a key role in China's dual circulation strategy, aimed at spurring domestic consumption and self-reliance while at the same time encouraging foreign investment and catering to export markets.

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

WHO draft report: Coronavirus likely came from animal, not a lab [Video]

NTU team develops new Covid-19 rapid test kit that can detect variants

Buses with solar panels: six-month trial commences

Origami inspired clothes that 'grow' with the wearer:

Better days ahead for travellers, post-COVID

Towards a more resilient habitat

Visit the Louvre for free, online

More outdoor places for family weekends: visit the ex Big Splash site

News 22/3/2021

GP/ Secondary

'Count on Me' Plagiarism Saga continues 

Birth of twin Malayan tigers at the Night Safari last December revives Singapore's effort to breed the critically endangered subspecies.

Trump is returning to social media--on his own platform

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

NTU Team creates post-surgical bandages from durian husks

Singapore on the way to sustainability--Floating Solar Farms

Pen and paper boosts memory better than smart devices

Super Nintendo theme park opens in Osaka--with COVID precautions

Write to Disney, even as a satire, and get a response 🙂

Count our blessings: there are students who have to take Zoom classes in a cemetery

Take up the challenge to be paid for a no-screentime-day

News 15/3/2021

GP/ Secondary

COVID lockdowns had an interesting effect on carbon emissions – now they're returning back to normal far quicker than society is.

3 big developments heralding the start of the agricultural digital revolution: (i) small and cheap sensor technology, (ii) communications technologies required to move data between the field and the computational cloud, and (iii) the technology to process mind-boggling volumes of information with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Why Daylight Saving Time exists [Video]

COVID-19? Not a problem in Taiwan. Perhaps we can learn something from them too

Space pollution is real

News 8/3/2021

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

SG police warn of Scammers on WhatsApp

Impacts of a COVID Childhood—what it’s doing to the Little Ones

One in three women experience violence in their lifetime: WHO report

Upcycling real estate? Ex-RGS site plays host venue to domestic workers on weekends

Ageing population: caregivers who sacrifice much

Genetic engineering: CRISPR offers a host of possibilities, but at what cost?

News 1/3/2021

GP/ Secondary

Do you think accepting another person's gender identity is inversely proportional to one's age?

The trend will probably continue for many countries with an ageing population. What can be done to incentivise growth?

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Novel way of enjoying theatre while maintaining safe distancing

Students in Pharmacy learn Dialect to better communicate with the elderly

New data suggests that global Covid-19 herd immunity may take nearly 5 years

And this site tracks global vaccination

Up-cycling used disposable chopsticks:

Why whales tend to be resistant to cancer:

Climate change--slowly but surely

How AI can help to reduce food wastage

News 15/2/2021


SG Budget 2021: What you need to know [3-m video]

SG: More women pursuing STEM fields

Trump escapes impeachment a second time: what's next?


Davos: Greta Thunberg Chastises World Leaders for Dragging Their Feet on Climate Response

A powder that makes dirty water drinkable

If the trial is successful, children can soon be vaccinated

The aftershock that was 10 years late

Note to self: how to ace presentations in school

News 8/2/2021


The importance of culture: Countries with greater social cohesion such as Singapore have performed far better in the Covid-19 pandemic

WEF/ Davos Agenda: Why journalists are worried about press freedom

What Business Leaders have to say about the role of new tech in 2021

Fossil Fuels Caused 8.7M deaths globally in 2018


Battling COVID--ensuring Safe Distancing with technology

From a Singaporean doctor's perspective: what our tiny nation is doing right

News 1/2/2021


Bill Gates Warns The "Next Pandemic" Is Coming After Covid-19 - And How To Stop It | MSNBC

India has suspended mobile internet services in three areas around the capital, Delhi, where farmers are staging a hunger strike in protest at new agriculture laws.

How a Sec 4 student in SG was radicalised in months

GameStop saga

(1) Commentary: Greed, Robin Hood and the power of Wall Street

(2) The Saga Explained


People are buying books by the metre to impress on virtual calls

Quad Gods: The world-class gamers who play with their mouths

Working on the move seems like a great idea! 🙂

Music is the universal language of geniuses

News 25/1/2021


The Cost of Vaccine Inequality--the resulting economic devastation will hit affluent countries nearly as hard as those in the developing world


COVID could last 4 to 5 years; Singaporeans have to be prepared to live in an acutely changed world--fairer, greener and more united... Mr Lawrence Wong at the Institute of Policy Studies' Singapore Perspectives Conference on Jan 25 [with video]

SG: Hard hit by the pandemic, more community feeders and pet owners have been asking animal welfare organisations for help.

Meme for charity: Bernie Sanders turns inauguration meme into sweatshirt for charity

Elon Musk's SpaceX launches 143 satellites into orbit in a record-setting mission.

They'll act as telecommunications nodes to connect devices that are attached to all manner of objects on the ground, from migrating animals to shipping containers...but problems will arise managing the increasing number of satellites,an%20Indian%20vehicle%20in%202017.

Ingenious sleep pods for the homeless

Ferrari's first female driver

Would you consider an electric car in the name of sustainability?

News 18/1/2021


Trump stoked the flames of insurrection before attack on the Capitol--with short video summarising what happened

Boris Johnson: Be like SG emulating our low-tax, low-regulation

And Mothership's take:

COVID and its effects on tourismFood for thought: if all countries/ airlines demand for a vaccination proof, how is it fair to those who were unable to receive vaccines eg under 16 or those with autoimmune disorders?


Hazardous Tech? Growing size of vehicle screens sparks safety concerns

Insect protein: the solution for food sustainability and world hunger.

Newly discovered Egyptian artefacts

News 11/1/2021


Why incompetent men are chosen as leaders

Commentaries on paper qualifications

a) The O levels : we've only just begun

b) Having a degree is just the start


How SG Universities Keep COVID cases at Zero--through technology, tough penalties and students willing to comply.

Harbin's spectacular city carved from snow and ice

China's 'Vaccine Diplomacy'

The three vaccines in SG: you can't choose them, but you can know the difference

With online learning becoming more prevalent these days, here's what parents can do


Take good care of one another during the pandemic

News 4/1/2021


How Global Politics will Change in 2021


What will the tech world look like in 2021?

A reminder that the web doesn't forget. US teenager finds her university offer cancelled after racial slur in viral video

Chinese Gen Zs are being lazy at work-- a silent rebellion against the culture of working overtime for little reward.

Turning trash to treasure in SG--with video

Green Your Kids for a Sustainable Future

No need to redeem Singapore Rediscover vouchers for these 🙂

SG-KL HSR Plans Derailed