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News 28/11/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

We are the most expensive city in the world. Again.

Brain power

S377A repeal: Constitutional amendment will protect policies that promote heterosexual marriage

Task force publishes report on how govt, institutions and firms in S’pore can defend against ransomware.  The number of ransomware cases in SG reported saw a 54 per cent increase between 2020 and 2021

World Cup 2022: why is Qatar a controversial location for the tournament?—a summary of issues

Up Cycling Soap in SG

Fast fashion purchases: How our brains convince us is amazing

News 31/10/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Revision for Sec kids: Richard Branson declines Singapore death penalty TV debate invitation

SG: Five teenagers, aged 14 to 16, arrested for suspected trafficking of cannabis

Seoul stampede shock

The lucrative trade of writing backstories for video games

Coming to a store near you: protein air

K-netizens pointed out that Miss Korea pageant contestants look like "virtual AI humans”, “more and more plastic..."

COVID-19 might have caused our key personality traits to dim so that we have become less extroverted and creative, according to study.

News 24/10/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Job security, healthcare costs top two concerns in SG poll

Philippines: Student 'anti-cheating' exam hats go viral

Animal-inspired robot that learns to adapt to the environment

Climate change caused snow crabs to reduce by 84%

Liz Truss saga commentary

News 10/10/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

10/10 is World Mental Health DayElderly self-harm a growing concern

SG: Couples want more kids but concerned over high costs, stress.

Hiring those with special needs but not compromising service

Navigating San Francisco in a Driverless Car

Using technology to help preserve Ukraine’s cultural heritage during the war

Destroy art for very different reasons:

(1) Damien Hirst has begun burning hundreds of his own artworks after selling a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). [with Video]

The artist told buyers who bought pieces from his latest collection to choose either the physical artwork or the NFT representing it.

(2) Activists throw soup on Van Gogh

Time to visit your favourite chicken rice stall

News 3/10/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Social media platforms may soon have to comply with a code of practice to tackle harmful online content accessible in Singapore, after the introduction of a Bill in Parliament on Oct 3

Key items to note about SG’s healthcare reform plan: Healthier SG aims to emphasise more on preventive care.

Kabul blast kills teenagers sitting practice exam--most victims were females

Elon Musk does it again: tweets ‘peace plan’ for Ukraine. Chaos ensues. Backlash from Zelensky and other leaders

A new bucket list in 2027: visit the Moon Resort in Dubai

Solar panels for new Tokyo homes

Secondary--Video for essay on Law and Order

Go Inside One Of The Most Humane Prisons In The World | Sunday TODAY

News 19/9/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

AI: James Earl Jones Signals Star Wars’ Role Darth Vader Retirement

SG adaptive designer creates clothing for stroke patients

Competition for top talents is heating up as Singapore emerges from the pandemic.

Dimorphos: Nasa flies spacecraft into an asteroid in direct hit
The collision was intentional and designed to test whether space rocks that might threaten Earth could be nudged safely out of the way.

US FDA warns against new TikTok challenge

Singapore's first metaverse wedding:

Cyborg cockroach to the rescue

Mahsa Amini saga: when violence and gender discrimination erupt into massive protests

News 19/9/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

UNICEF And Microsoft Partner To Expand Global Digitized Education

The big Learning Passport innovation has been to make digitized education available in places that have no internet connectivity

Maglev for cars, anyone?

Invest in yourself: get taller

Now that the exams are round the corner, learn to relax

GP/ Secondary

Sec Revision on Cryptocurrency: Ethereum switches to ‘proof-of-stake’, slashing energy consumption by as much as 99.9%

The passing of HRM QEII: Why we grieve for people we don't know

News 15/8/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Unlike most countries, COVID strengthened SG's political system: survey findings

SE Asia spent $5b on bubble tea in 2021; Indonesia tops list; SG 4th: Report

Regulating loot boxes in SG

How India’s call-centre scams became big money:
Tech support scams are an international problem, but India has emerged as a leader in the shady industry

Apps turning restaurant leftovers into cheap meals take off in Asia

The importance of identity, culture and heritage

Halluyu impact: women going to Korea to find their dream husbands

Johnson & Johnson to replace talc-based powder with cornstarch

Trump warrant: Why did the FBI search Mar-a-Lago and what was found?

Secondary EW on Animal Testing--Additional Material


(1) Animal Testing Pros And Cons

(2) Can we do science without animal testing? The Alternatives

Comprehensive info on The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation

News 1/8/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Want to be a super achiever? Read.

Car park farms: a step in the right eco direction

The rise of AI influencers

Fashion cultural appropriation: is it a big deal?

Views on 377A: Government looking at how to safeguard current legal position on marriage, says Shanmugam

News 25/7/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

On language and cultural differences: Tiktok #waitawhile

When your travelling companion is a fur friend

For theme park junkies: Japan's largest vertical loop

Why would anyone do that...

Dirtiest place in Singapore?

News 18/7/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Life in space? You decide

Moral of the story: be prepared

A new stash of 31 emojis: which one is your favourite?

S'pore organisations among most targeted in the world by ransomware attacks

Climate change & even hotter heatwaves

(Long read) Could mounting evidence against Trump hurt his re-election potential

Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu retires

News 11/7/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Is this a promising solution to food insecurity?

Hong Kong's high-tech urban farm

The 10 fastest supercomputers in the world[0]=AT3OvKCzfoYY9PrGfbgd0tBb-7UdqMBSNF_5dJ2OUEGD50EG5MWmjcc2VuWcIRe-LBG37p3nTKF5xfQ-kEfa15mxirOWUNJEKwb2pmxehJvn2STCI85K3tx5fHNyYkAPYHn1gR6WdkSDU7RX5HQIx4e2VrMJBaLaosiqrJYJ6-A4TagnoMlTAa3IZHF_leMs6JIIRntEfUcjkhe5

India is becoming the most populous country in the world. How can that change the economic dynamics of the the top 3 (US/China/India)?

Bitcoin as an official currency for El Salvador: risky or visionary?

Elon Musk backs out of Twitter deal

Additional article for Secondary EW: Trusting Authority

What is POFMA [the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act]?

—seeks to prevent the electronic communication of falsehoods (i.e. false statements of fact or misleading information), as well as to safeguard against the use of online platforms for the communication of such falsehoods.

—not intended to cover opinions, criticisms, satire or parody.

News 4/7/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

SG launched 3 new satellites to monitor climate, security and disasters

The retailers setting up shop in the metaverse

3 new rules Singaporeans should be aware of

SG: Wave hand to activate green man. Contactless buttons on trial at four pedestrian crossings

Uniquely Singapore's toilet etiquette earns accolades

That bowl of fishball noodles probably costs more now. Would you pay?

GP/ Secondary

Long read: how tech damages our memory

Additional article for Secondary EW on History repeating itself

10 Worst Ways History Has Repeated Itself

More accessible examples:genocides, pandemics, school shootings, mass extinctions

News 20/6/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

How robots are changing surgery

E-vehicles and the demise of petrol stations

With Singapore looking to have all vehicles run on cleaner energy by 2040, this momentum is expected to grow as the country invests more in charging infrastructure and rolls out tax incentives for hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs). It means that demand for petrol and diesel fuel will decline in tandem. 

Asean needs to prepare for greater weather extremes and food price spikes: Study

Spain cracks down on food waste with supermarket fines and ‘doggy bags’ required at restaurants

Frozen woolly mammoth found intact

The law of declining virulence does not apply to this rabbit-killer

News 13/6/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

“If there had been no international law and the big fish ate a small fish and a small fish ate shrimps... we would not have existed.

“These are wise words of Lee Kuan Yew, the leader who was perspicacious enough to see the clear reasons of many things and resources, and who knew exactly what is of value,” he said, referring to a 1966 speech by Mr Lee.

Zelensky invokes Lee Kuan Yew in address at Shangri-La Dialogue

SG: Adults to clock 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week under new national guidelines

BTS's solo move is genius

She is the first person to make a TikTok video on board the International Space Station (ISS).

(Some) chicken ban lifted. The news came swiftly after SG opens Asia's largest cell culture chicken facility in Bedok, and that we have secured chilled chickens from Thailand at 10x the supply...

Live in sustainable homes, anyone?

The beginning of a new era: McDonalds becomes "Delicious. Full stop"

World's largest plant is... (drumroll)... at least 4500 years old

Singapore is no longer the world's most expensive city. Check out the list

News 23/5/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

SG's NTU develops biodegradable battery that's printed on paper

UN: Russia's war in Ukraine has pushed the number of forcibly displaced people around the world above 100 million for the first time ever

Why are food prices rising? Key Reasons

Want to know what the prehistoric humans ate for lunch? Study their poop

Download 80k movies in 1 second with Japan's high speed internet

News 16/5/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

SG: The debate on work life balance goes on

SG: Two perfume manufacturers fined for illegally discharging toxic waste into public sewers

Imagine living here

SG: When it's tough accessing technology

Secondary: additional resource for this week's lesson

The Highest Paid Athletes in the World

10 Sports Events that have the Highest Prize Money


Why do footballers earn so much money? | Money Time [till 5.50]

Should Athletes be Paid High Salaries

News 02/5/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Antytila: Ed Sheeran collaboration written on front line [with music video]

What SG schools are doing to support mental health

‘Extra level of power’: billionaires who have bought up the media

Enzymes to break down plastic. Fantastic!

News 11/4/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

SG: New, fun activities to look forward to

Why pro-Russian disinformation might resonate with Singaporeans

Microchip implant for contactless payment might happen sooner than you think

Made in SG beer (with New Water, that is)

Living with rising costs: how do you cope

Spanish police seize 1,000 specimens of illegal stuffed animals worth £29m. The haul included some extinct animals, such as the scimitar oryx, and endangered species like lions, cheetahs and the Bengal tiger.

Saniya Mistri: The hijab-wearing teen rapper breaking stereotypes

Dino fossil found in Dakota

News 28/3/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Teenage social media use linked to less life-satisfaction for some

Perspective: Why has Russia invaded Ukraine and what does Putin want?

Perspective: Should Will Smith be allowed to keep his Oscar?

Oscars condemns Will Smith slap and launches review

And the Oscar goes to...

With the best and worst moments...

The Omega x Swatch collection: yay or nay?

Gender discrimination: one step forward, two steps back in Afghanistan

GP/ Secondary

SG: white paper on women’s development (with video)

News 14/3/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

How do young people view drugs and what does it mean for Singapore?

New study on how Covid changes brain function

Tharman: Five Fragilities

Coming soon: Lego exhibition to look forward to!

Rebuilding an ecosystem in Tasmania to rival the Great Barrier Reef

McDonald's exit from Russia is symbolic, as it was the first Western influence to set foot in the country 32 years ago, opening the doors to more US-based establishments.

News 7/3/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Life in Ukraine:

40 Powerful Photos of Daily Life During the Ukraine Crisis

Tik-Tokker chronicles life in Ukraine bunkers

Folk Art destroyed

How Art has the power to change the world, one image at a time: a collection of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war


Pig heart transplant man dies.

Is this a call to boost stem cell research?

Hope for a HIV vaccine possible through mRNA Tech

Be ready to BYO bags to the supermarket next year

No more MYEs!


Lesson this week on the Power of Art

(1) Cases for Political Art.

(2) Creating Change: Art as Activism

News 28/2/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The Invasion of Ukraine

A heartfelt message from the President of Ukraine to the Russians

Why Brave Ukraine believes it can beat Russia

Elon Musk has activated Starlink internet service in Ukraine as the country suffered power outages and gaps in internet service due to Russia's invasion.

TikTok war: How Russia's invasion of Ukraine played to social media's youngest audience

Singapore imposes sanctions on Russia; upholds principles instead of choosing sides. [Video which gives summary of how/ why Russia invaded Ukraine]

In a rare move, Singapore imposes sanctions on Russia, as well as halt flights to Moscow


SG: Survey shows the majority support the death penalty

Squid Games make history by bagging US actors' awards, SAG

Produce meat from air

News 31/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

More Than 400 Invasive Fish Dumped From Aquariums Found in Texas River. The fish will be euthanised

Mandai Wildlife Bridge. Nearly 70 species of wildlife have been observed using and staying around the dedicated animal crossing since it opened in December 2019

Can tech aid or cripple us?

(a) lizard-inspired robot

(b) bike that carries heavy loads

Wordle is trending: did you know your strategy reveals your personality too?

... and Wordle is sold to NYT for $1 million

Lessons from Wordle

News 19/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The world's 10 wealthiest men doubled their fortunes during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic as poverty and inequality soared

A coalition of students in Singapore has called on universities to transition away from the fossil fuel industry by 2030

Who betrayed Anne Frank: Main suspect revealed

Virtual campus, anyone?

Make the world a better place

How to devour more books

News 10/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

New Laws on Divorce in SG--by mutual agreement, amongst others

Has COVID robbed the young of their youth?

The S.E.A. Aquarium, will be rebranded as the Singapore Oceanarium (SGO), 3 times larger by 2024

The Metaverse: is it just a gimmick?--an Explainer

Mind-reading robots, anyone?

Science and tech: world's first heart transplant using a genetically modified pig's heart

A tale of 2 cities: plant based meat vs the real deal

Flurona: what we know so far


News 5/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Map drawn from memory helps reunite kidnapped Chinese man with family

Dad saddled with $20,000 credit card bill after daughter's in-game spending spree on Genshin Impact

Food safety spurs China's  middle class to buy direct from farm.

New law allowing assisted suicide takes effect in Austria

A bank's most expensive Christmas present

See your cake and ilck it too


3D printed steak, anyone?