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News 14/3/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

How do young people view drugs and what does it mean for Singapore?

New study on how Covid changes brain function

Tharman: Five Fragilities

Coming soon: Lego exhibition to look forward to!

Rebuilding an ecosystem in Tasmania to rival the Great Barrier Reef

McDonald's exit from Russia is symbolic, as it was the first Western influence to set foot in the country 32 years ago, opening the doors to more US-based establishments.

News 7/3/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Life in Ukraine:

40 Powerful Photos of Daily Life During the Ukraine Crisis

Tik-Tokker chronicles life in Ukraine bunkers

Folk Art destroyed

How Art has the power to change the world, one image at a time: a collection of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war


Pig heart transplant man dies.

Is this a call to boost stem cell research?

Hope for a HIV vaccine possible through mRNA Tech

Be ready to BYO bags to the supermarket next year

No more MYEs!


Lesson this week on the Power of Art

(1) Cases for Political Art.

(2) Creating Change: Art as Activism

News 28/2/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The Invasion of Ukraine

A heartfelt message from the President of Ukraine to the Russians

Why Brave Ukraine believes it can beat Russia

Elon Musk has activated Starlink internet service in Ukraine as the country suffered power outages and gaps in internet service due to Russia's invasion.

TikTok war: How Russia's invasion of Ukraine played to social media's youngest audience

Singapore imposes sanctions on Russia; upholds principles instead of choosing sides. [Video which gives summary of how/ why Russia invaded Ukraine]

In a rare move, Singapore imposes sanctions on Russia, as well as halt flights to Moscow


SG: Survey shows the majority support the death penalty

Squid Games make history by bagging US actors' awards, SAG

Produce meat from air

News 31/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

More Than 400 Invasive Fish Dumped From Aquariums Found in Texas River. The fish will be euthanised

Mandai Wildlife Bridge. Nearly 70 species of wildlife have been observed using and staying around the dedicated animal crossing since it opened in December 2019

Can tech aid or cripple us?

(a) lizard-inspired robot

(b) bike that carries heavy loads

Wordle is trending: did you know your strategy reveals your personality too?

... and Wordle is sold to NYT for $1 million

Lessons from Wordle

News 19/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

The world's 10 wealthiest men doubled their fortunes during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic as poverty and inequality soared

A coalition of students in Singapore has called on universities to transition away from the fossil fuel industry by 2030

Who betrayed Anne Frank: Main suspect revealed

Virtual campus, anyone?

Make the world a better place

How to devour more books

News 10/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

New Laws on Divorce in SG--by mutual agreement, amongst others

Has COVID robbed the young of their youth?

The S.E.A. Aquarium, will be rebranded as the Singapore Oceanarium (SGO), 3 times larger by 2024

The Metaverse: is it just a gimmick?--an Explainer

Mind-reading robots, anyone?

Science and tech: world's first heart transplant using a genetically modified pig's heart

A tale of 2 cities: plant based meat vs the real deal

Flurona: what we know so far


News 5/1/22

GP/ Secondary/ Primary

Map drawn from memory helps reunite kidnapped Chinese man with family

Dad saddled with $20,000 credit card bill after daughter's in-game spending spree on Genshin Impact

Food safety spurs China's  middle class to buy direct from farm.

New law allowing assisted suicide takes effect in Austria

A bank's most expensive Christmas present

See your cake and ilck it too


3D printed steak, anyone?