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News 4/12/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Chat GPT turns 1: what its success reveals about us

Social isolation, loneliness biggest enemy for seniors in S’pore

Singapore advances to protect its coastlines. Long Island marks one of Singapore's first long-term, coastline-specific measures since it began studying its shorelines [with audio file]

Climate damage fund hailed, but 'needs billions rather than millions'



Should SG schools similarly ban cellphones in schools?

News 20/11/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Pre-school enrolment for children from lower-income families remains lower than the national average. More children from lower-income families are attending pre-school, although there is still a gap in their enrolment rate and the national average.

OpenAI sacks ChatGPT star CEO Sam Altman--"He was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities...The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI"

Biden says 'real progress' made in talks with Xi, deals made on military, fentanyl [with videos]

Banksy revealed

World's best liveable cities

Sign up to put your message in a bottle... in space!

News 13/11/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

The Bloomberg New Economy Forum
1) As the economy grows, Singapore needs to be rigorous in how it helps those who are not catching up, said PM Lee. The nation is in a phase where everyone has to do more together, help each other, and the Government has to be there for the people. At the same time, Singapore must try very hard to avoid having the Government be the sole solution to all problems

2) A two-state solution is the only long-term answer to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East, PM Lee Hsien Loong. "The alternative to a two-state solution is a one-state solution. That means one side or the other has to be squeezed out. That is unimaginable."

The world’s ‘most inconvenient’ convenience store in China

A US study found that within a few months of ChatGPT's launch, freelance copywriters and graphic designers got fewer jobs and less earnings.

SG stands to have more bed bug infestations this year, due to year-end travels

Amos Yee back in US prison a month after release from parole

Philanthropy can start young

Witness a new island being born, currently 100metres wide

AI can take over jobs, but which ones?

News 6/11/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

4G leadership: ‘We’ll never let standards slip, system go corrupt’: PM Lee on need for clean governance [with videos]

Singapore is looking at using AI in the fight against money laundering.
AI can, for example, be applied to COSMIC – an upcoming digital platform for financial institutions to share information on suspicious customers or transactions.

Solar cooking

Asia’s largest Hard Rock Cafe, coming to Genting

Prince William Visits SG

News 23/10/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

A Christmas market on Orchard Road, so you won't have to fly to Europe

Meet the first woman to complete SAF’s gruelling Ranger course

As temperatures around the world surge due to global warming, Associate Professor Qiu Cheng-Wei’s scientific discoveries in thermal conduction could pave the way for cooling down buildings with less energy. For his contributions, Prof Qiu received the President’s Science Award at the 2023 President’s Science and Technology Awards

Importance for Singapore to maintain relations with Israelis and Palestinians, and provide aid to civilians. In the long term, a two-state solution needs to be found so that both sides can live in peace, and there is "really no alternative" to that, says Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Gaza has long been a powder keg: a look at the history of the embattled region

Taking sides? Take your time

WhatsApp game to bring you around Singapore

Curl up with a good book this Halloween from the TIME100 list. How many have you read?

News 9/10/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

There are plans for stricter gun laws after a Bangkok shopping mall shooting, but preventing future tragedies requires the Thai government to tackle other pressing issues too. [with Video]

Singapore turns to robots to attract talent, help firms tide through manpower crunch, including in healthcare sector. [with Video]

UK is adopting a new system to replace the A-levels. Will Singapore be affected?

The Israel-Palestine conflict

Food blogger Reviews are 'paid'/'sponsored. What is your take?

GP/ Secondary

The Big Read: Mental health no longer dirty words as awareness grows - but are some youths adopting labels too loosely?Mental health advocates and young interviewees diagnosed with mental health conditions agreed that the rise in mental health awareness had led to terms associated with therapy-speak such as “triggered”, “boundaries” and “gaslighting” becoming increasingly common within the social lexicon. While such language indicates a broader, positive cultural shift, said experts, they also cautioned that it could lead to unintended consequences like trivialisation of those who suffer from mental health issues.

News 2/10/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Another LKY must-watch:

Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew's view of the world | LKY100 | Asia Future Summit 2023

Questions to ask when selecting a Secondary school

The innocent victims of global warming: More than 100 dolphins dead in Amazon as water overheats

The future of AI

AI girlfriends are here and they're posing a threat to a generation of men

An AI K-Pop star will be commonplace in the near future

When AI impersonates celebrities

GP/ Secondary

Hollywood strike shows workers could be the ones to regulate AI [Revision of Secondary Lesson T3W13]

Back from the writers' strike

News 25/9/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Revisiting Capital Punishment for Drug Trafficking

E-sports is making a historic medal debut at the ongoing Asian Games in Hangzhou. E-sports is taking off fast in China, which has cemented itself as a leader in game development over the last decade.

Long Covid linked to multiple organ changes

Opportunities growing in green jobs, but broad range of skills may be needed

Survey shows that SGns prize taste over packaging [of mooncakes]

Aliens or ancient Peruvian crafts?

‘Now everyone is uncle or auntie’: Chinese naming tradition showing generational ties fading. Our names bind us in more ways than we think

News 18/9/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Must watch—Lee Kuan Yew: In His Own Words | The ideas, values and career of Singapore's first Prime Minister

Can Singapore's athletes achieve their sporting dreams via colleges in the US?

Commentary: PSLE stress – a question of not too much, not too little

Singapore’s birth rate is at a record low — but ‘throwing money’ at the problem won’t solve it

Arcade gambling on the rise

Doing Singapore proud: 3 Michelin star restaurant helmed by Singaporean, featuring SG cuisine

Smart lenses rechargeable with tears?

Taste the future with Coke’s Y3000

News 4/9/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Law enforcement needs better digital game to stop cyber scammers.

The Mekong region, especially Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, is the epicentre of cyber-enabled crime run by syndicates that lure often educated, English-speaking job seekers from across Asia and beyond, trap them in compounds and force them to operate various digital scams.

World Cup kiss sparks Spain’s #MeToo moment, it appears to mark a turning point. In a society where feminist progress has historically been met with backlash, it shows how far Spanish society has come to reject rancid machismo instantaneously.

Commentary: Silly, sexist ‘girl math’ isn’t good financial advice, but it shouldn’t be dismissed

Scam involving mooncake sales on social media platforms has cost at least 27 victims around $325,000 in August alone. After contacting the “sellers” through social messaging platforms to place orders for mooncakes advertised on Facebook and Instagram, the victims were directed through WhatsApp to make payment. But the links led victims to download an Android Package Kit (APK) file, an application created for Android’s operating system, containing malware.

The National Arts Council (NAC) wants to catch them all.: audiences, artists, the  public and private sector partners. A key initiative targeting artists and audiences is, a new online platform which aims to be a one-stop shop for arts and culture for both demographics. Artists can list upcoming shows, while visitors can browse events for things to do and shows to watch.

Heads up for Hello Kitty fans

Will Japan's abandoned homes find a new lease of life?

News 21/8/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

National Day Rally highlights: "Young Seniors" is an oxymoron 🙂

Gender neutral toilets: yay or nay?

Russian rocket smashes into the moon

1 September is Polling Day

The candidates:
The trivia:

News 14/8/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

SG: Why youths become money mules [with video]

China: Why some adults in China have become ‘full-time’ children', and receive a 'salary' from parents

SG: How NLB designs its libraries to be more than just for reading

'Girl Math' to justify purchases you cannot afford

While Malaysia is the top 3 place to retire, Singapore is most expensive

The Musk vs Zuckerberg fight is on!

News 31/7/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Commentary: Instagram is making you a worse tourist [Revision for Sec levels]

Extinct birds on the ballot for New Zealand's avian beauty contest. The kakapo is a chubby parrot resembling a green-feathered bowling ball.

Bali immigration officers arrested over Cambodia organ trafficking ring. Recruiters used Facebook and WhatsApp to lure and trade victims

Every community, no matter how small, will always have the space to maintain its own heritage and culture in Singapore: DP Minister Lawrence Wong. “Ours must be a society where everyone is judged solely on their ability, and rewarded based on their contributions; and where everyone has the opportunity to excel and maximise their potential, regardless of their race or religion.”

Battery recycling firms to build new plants to cope with EV population growth

For Upper Sec and GP

PM Lee explains approach to Iswaran’s investigation, and Tan Chuan-Jin, Cheng Li Hui affair—good reference points regarding issues of good governance and incorruptibility

News 17/7/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Analysts: PAP faces a severe crisis, scrutiny amid string of scandals

CPIB probe involving Iswaran a blow to Govt; important how it is managed: Political observers [includes other recent incidents involving ministers]

Oxford student from Singapore goes viral for speaking 11 languages

Tech in healthcare: Three robot musketeers join Changi General Hospital, providing needed relief for nurses

Malaysia tops list of 10 safest places to retire for under US$2,000 a month in Nasdaq ranking

Guiness World Record Mania sweeps Nigeria

Gold struck in Kentucky

News 10/7/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

S’porean students in UK universities hit by marking boycott: A marking boycott in Britain that left tens of thousands of university students in limbo without their final grades has also affected Singaporeans. Since late April, staff at 145 universities in Britain who are members of the University and College Union have been refusing to mark students’ work, in a dispute over pay and working conditions. The boycott is scheduled to continue until the end of September.

Students, parents upset over ‘morbid’ O-level Chinese listening comprehension passage

Tharman Shanmugaratnam: Singapore should not be a welfare state but a welfare society, where everyone takes responsibility for others’ welfare. Creating a spirited, resilient society where everyone does more for others will be better for Singapore.

A mum who is technically only 3 years older than her newborn twins

AI humanoids coming soon

News 3/7/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

The Stranger Things immersive experience at Bugis+ in October

Go Green SG: A month-long national effort to rally Singaporeans, organisations and the community to take collective action for environmental sustainability and climate resilience. []

Free plastic bags at many supermarkets will be a thing of the past—is 5-10 cents per bag going to make an impact?

Can customers be trusted to pay for their plastic bags at Singapore supermarkets? The ‘Honour System’ is questioned

A-list actors threatening to strike

The price of education in South Korea

Why are suicide rates rising?

The key word is moderation

News 26/6/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

NUS enters the Top 10 ranking of best universities in the world. MIT is top

Singapore researchers develop wearable wound health monitoring patch, powered by AI [with video]

How much less are women paid than men? 

The fact that women work in sectors consistently undervalued – such as healthcare, education and elder care – contributes to pay gaps.



SG's economy gets a boost from A-Lister concerts

OR will there be inflation--like what Beyonce did to Sweden?

Meet the world's ugliest dog

... the world's hardest dish

... and the world's tallest tree

News 22/5/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Society and Culture

They are young, but need a seat on public transport: those with
autoimmune diseases suffer in silence

Concert etiquette--Smartphones not only at Blackpink

Science and Tech

China’s Griefbot helps the living to say goodbye to the dead

Sec Revision [Space Exploration]:
Amazon's Jeff Bezos to help Nasa return to Moon

Other News
New York is sinking [CNN News Video]

The millionaire roster

News 15/5/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

On Education

Singapore’s Primary 4 pupils are world’s best in reading

Duty to bring others along, let more benefit: Chan Chun Sing at RI’s bicentennial lecture

Survey: companies should strike a balance between academic qualifications and skill sets

Why do you think students are reading less?

On the Environment

Why SG is heating up 2x faster than the rest of the world

The Big Read: Why the household recycling rate is falling despite greater eco consciousness, government push

On Technology and Health

Creator of ChatGPT calls on US lawmakers to regulate artificial intelligence (AI)

SGH offered tips to counter “tech neck”.
In gist, they include:
1. Take frequent breaks from technological devices.
2. Use a desktop instead of a laptop.
3. Have proper seating.
More information on Tech Neck here:

News 8/5/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

What does the King actually do?

New laws give police more powers to prosecute money mules, those who sell Singpass details to scammers

Why foreigners will continue to buy property in SG despite having to pay higher stamp duties

Priced out of the property market (and the COE too), how will the Govt react to strike the balance?

For a shot at fame: audition now open for I Not Stupid 3

Most agree that pet cats in HDB should be licensed

What SG can do to draw more tourists

News 1/5/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

More taking DNA tests to predict diseases in SG

14 million jobs worldwide will vanish in the next 5 years due to tech disruption, according to new economic report

First TikTok, now SHEIN and Temu. The US government has accused Chinese-backed 'fast fashion' digital platforms for data and other business practices risks, along with engaging in unfair market practices.

Hungry student finds Maurizio Cattelan’s $160,000 banana ripe for the taking at Korea museum

All you need to know about King Charles' coronation this weekend, 6 May 2023.

The search to reverse ageing continues

This story reminds me of the movie Homeward Bound

News 24/4/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Singapore Tops World ranking in government efficiency 

Singapore’s Government was able to deliver during turbulent times as it had improved in the areas of implementation, strategic prioritisation and innovation.

PM Lee--SG faces 3 political risks

[News video]

The United Nations: Saving the world's glaciers is effectively a lost cause

Space exploration: the risks involved

Bio-plastics coming your way

News 10/4/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

Singapore to approve 16 species of insects like crickets and grasshoppers to be sold as food

Jobs in green economy in hot demand as S’pore looks to become carbon services hub

UN report on safety of lab-grown meats cites S’pore, the only country selling them, as case study

Why and how we can be happy: a case study of Finland

Ride on a hydeogen powered train

News 27/3/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

Amnesty International: Global outrage over Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year has only served to expose the West's "double standards" towards human rights abuses throughout the world.

In its annual world report for 2022, Amnesty pointed to what it described as the West's silence on Saudi Arabia's rights record, repression in Egypt and Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

SG: The Resource Sustainability (Amendment) Bill was passed, with 3 measures to reduce packaging and food waste

Malaysia tables bill to abolish the death penalty

Why Japanese fathers are not taking paid paternity leave

Japanese scientists create offspring using eggs from male mice cells

News 20/3/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

Forbes: 20 Happiest Countries in the World 2023. Does SG make the list?

Key Findings of IPCC's [International Panel of Climate Change] 2023 Synthesis Report

This summary report demonstrates an undeniable scientific consensus about the urgency of the climate crisis, its primary causes, its current devastating impacts – especially on most climate vulnerable regions – and the irreversible harm that will occur if warming surpasses 1.5°C, even temporarily.
Its aim is to provide policymakers with a high-level, up-to-date understanding of climate change, its impacts and future risks, and highlight solutions and options for addressing it.

More on Changi Airport being the World's Best... Here's why

AI retaliation: how can humans preserve jobs?

Making the Seine swimmable by the 2024 Paris Olympics

K-Pop in Metaverse: trend or dud

SG is first to get the new pneumococcal vaccine

News 13/3/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

Changi Airport regains top position in Skytrax's 'best airports' list

ChatGPT failed miserably in the PSLE, averaging 16% for math and 21% for science. Days later, it was getting answers right.

But it scored very well in Law school entrance exams

Australian universities are bringing back pen and paper to stop students from using Chat GPT—is this the right move?

Longer work week in Seoul: what are the repercussions?

Recent focus on the country’s wealth gap has put a ‘two Singapores’ scenario in the spotlight as citizens grapple with higher costs, competition

Lord of the rings: meet the Seoul Ring in 2027

Math is beautiful [Revision for Secondary students]

News 6/3/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

On a planet rocked by the climate crisis, ecosystem collapse, famine and poverty, is having a child just adding to the problem - and therefore unethical?

Nations have reached a historic agreement to protect the world's oceans following 10 years of negotiations.

The High Seas Treaty aims to place 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030, to safeguard and recuperate marine nature.

Use ChatGPT ethically

Why some degrees are less popular than others

Long read: Tackling teen terrorism

Reptile cafe, anyone?

News 20/2/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

2 teens dealt with under ISA; 15-year-old student is youngest-ever detainee

Climate, ice sheets and sea level: The news is not good 

New research suggests that the number of people threatened by sea-level rise has been underestimated by tens of millions 

Criticism to changes in Roald Dahl’s books

An implant surgically placed to stimulate nerves helps stroke patient move arm

Japanese prefer domestic travels

ChatGPT and its alter ego(s)

News 30/1/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary 

SG is 5th least corrupt country in the world

Why Generative AI is just getting started

AI chat with famous historical figures: interesting, but take it with a pinch of salt

Women are feeling the cost of living crisis more than men

Action plan to help older Singaporeans live well as they age and work longer

Driverless busses arriving in 3 European cities

Wood based 3D printing for home furniture

Teddy in space

Rise of the woolly mammoth, coming to you in 2027

News 23/1/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Taiwan is set to ban hotels from providing disposable amenities in rooms. Its travel industry generates around 8,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Interesting and interactive: SG 2022 in visual stories and digital graphics

SG: Chinese New Year brings stress, loneliness and sorrow to some seniors

Commentary: Students could use ChatGPT to cheat, but it’s a chance to rethink assessment altogether

Tech and the elderly; the twain should meet

Leadership burnout: what we can learn from Jacinda Arden

"The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength." ~ Meditations by Aurelius

Go behind the scenes at the Yakult factory

News 9/1/2023

GP/ Secondary/Primary

Over half of kids, teens in S’pore do not hit physical activity targets

Mum's fine because we've got her a robot': Expert warns against a lonelier world for elderly

Laws addressing 'killer litter'--FAQs

The rise of flashy new job titles [‘business development guru’, ‘chief visionary officer’?]. There’s a reason why traditional job titles have endured for so long – and why loosening the rules around them to create arbitrary titles may not always be the best approach.

Climate change: glaciers will vanish by 2100