Student's Worksheet

Video Notes

The Essay Question:

The word “failure” should never be used in education. Do you agree?

1. Generate the points of argument. Pay attention to the keywords of the question, and WATCH the VIDEOS that follow--consider the prompts and questions presented in the videos. 

2. Refer to the Video Notes for additional materials.

3. The Student's Worksheet offer more points of argument to supplement the arguments that you have derived. 

4. Once you have consolidated your points of argument, write your essay in a structured and persuasive manner.


ASSIGNMENTS AND WORK COMPLETED should be scanned [preferably with CamScanner] and emailed to

You will be emailed the Model Response along with your marked script. You will also schedule your 10 minute video conference session with Ms Geraldine Chew, our Director of Programmes [Secondary and General Paper].